Faith & Arts Ministry is called together by God, who covenants with us to care for one another, while using our diverse gifts and abilities to address heartfelt needs of Trinity Lutheran and our community.

When you join us for service you get a Visitor Bag made by our Faith & Arts volunteers! They have magnets, cards, and book markers.

Volunteers in this ministry utilize their gifts to create beautiful crocheted prayer shawls, lap afghans, fleece lap-trows, and prayer scarves to help God’s people in their call to prayer.

Come, join us…. Busy hands make happy hearts!

Look for “Craft & Bake Sales” hosted by the Faith & Arts Ministry team. They are held in the spring and around the holiday season.

Donations are always appreciated:

  • yarn — all colors, textures and ply
  • old cards — any occasion
  • crochet needles
  • craft supplies — for making book markers, decorating visitor bags, etc.