About Us

Statement of Mission

We are a loving, learning, witnessing community in response to the love of Christ.

We are a congregation of God’s chosen people who, by His love for us, gave His Son, Jesus Christ, to forgive our sins and free us for enriched life. As disciples of Jesus, we worship and serve Him, and seek to be renewed and empowered by the Holy Spirit. We are to build God’s Kingdom through personal dedication to learning and following the Word, loving one another, and witnessing His love to our family, neighbors and community.

What we believe

Our faith tradition is based on a life-transforming story.  It is a story of a powerful and patient God who has boundless love for all people of the world, who brings justice for the oppressed.  It’s a story of Jesus Christ, changing lives.  It’s a story that brings comfort and strength to people who today live in modern, often unsettling times.

We believe in the Triune God.  God created and loves all of creation — the earth, the seas and all the world’s inhabitants.  We believe that God’s Son, Jesus Christ, transforms lives through his death on the cross and his new life, and we trust that God’s spirit is active in the world .

We are part of God’s unfolding plan.  When we gather for worship, we connect with believers everywhere.  When we study the Bible or hear God’s Word in worship, we are drawn more deeply into God’s own saving story.   (taken from www.elca.org)

Trinity is a member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and one of the nearly 9,500 congregations with a church-wide organization in Chicago and 65 synods throughout the country.