Choir rehearsals have resumed and Adult Sunday School classes are back in full swing! Contact our church office or email us to find out what other programs will be starting back soon!

(540) 366-9481

We Are Excited To Worship With You!

Sunday School Starts at 9:30 am

Worship Begins at 11:00 am.

All Are Welcome!

For those who have concerns about returning to indoor worship, Trinity will continue to broadcast the service on 88.1 for those who wish to remain in their cars or sit outside.

At Trinity Lutheran, our worship services are centered on Word and Sacrament. 

Our sermons are Bible-based with the Good News of Jesus Christ at its core.

During the meal of Holy Communion, we pray that Christ will continue to be present with us through the bread and wine, uniting us with all the people of faith.

Worship in the community of faith feeds us, nurtures us and makes us ready to be Jesus in the world in all aspects of our daily life.  As we leave our sanctuary and look up at the beautiful stained glass image, the words inscribed give us direction…..