Even though we are separated by circumstance we are one in Christ

Small enough to be family, large enough to make a difference!

Trinity Lutheran

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Next service Sunday July 5th

If it’s raining we won’t have outdoor service.
Two ways to fellowship! You can join us at Trinity Lutheran or worship from home with St. Marks.

Every Sunday morning at 11am you are invited to join us in fellowship as we worship online with St. Mark’s Lutheran Church and Pastor Armentrout.

Dear Trinity Family:
While we’ve been cautioned to keep our distance, I hope that you are finding ways to stay connected among friends, family, and/or fellow church members. Each morning, I lift up each of you by name in prayer.
This announcement, sad as it is, should come to you as no surprise. We have been strongly requested by our Virginia Synod Bishop Robert Humphrey, to cancel services of worship until at least May 17. This request applies to all churches of the Synod. Dale Hurt, our President, and I have talked and we agree that at least through the month of April that we nether have worship services nor any other church activities. This cancellation may well have to be extended not only to May 17th, but even beyond, depending on how this virus may continue to expand and what health officials are advising. 
Worship is so essential to our life as Christians, but so is the Biblical commandment to love our neighbor. By following the guidelines to stay at home, we are caring not only for ourselves, but for the safety and well-being of our community.
While it is the right thing to do, this decision is also heart-breaking. It means we do not gather for Easter, the highlight of our worship year. For us as a church family, it is especially sad that we shall not be together in what was to be our last Sunday with each other before my retirement.
On the bright side, Pastor Derrick of St. Philip Lutheran Church, has offered us the technology of his church to produce for us an Easter service/sermon led by me to be aired on Easter morning by way of Facebook and our church website. I shall keep you posted as Pastor Derrick and I proceed to set up this exciting possibility.
I also invite you to see this withdrawal from our normal routine as an opportunity for growing more deeply into the life we are given in Jesus Christ. Our Savior comes to us as the Prince of Peace. By his death and resurrection, he lives in us. We’ve also been given the discipline of prayer by which to grow in the experience of his peaceful presence. . In addition to our praying for one another, feel free to experiment with meditative prayer. Many of you have heard me describe one form of this called Centering Prayer: Find a quiet place, close your eyes, take deep slow breaths, inwardly match your inhale and exhale with the name Jesus or the prayer, “Let go, Let God”. 
Remember we also been given the discipline of giving of our tithes and offerings. Sending in your weekly/monthly contributions is not only crucial for the church to fulfill its mission, but remaining generous in spirit is a way to give thanks to God.
Another reminder, just now texted to me by a friend, quoting Luther that confession of sins can be done directly before God when Christians are unable to gather. When something comes to me out of the blue like that, there must be a reason. So I pass it on.

Please feel free to call me (540-312-6984). I can  pray with any of you over the phone who might like that. This invitation to call extends especially to any of you for whom this anxious time is especially lonely or distressing. Likewise if you have any suggestions or concerns during this time of physical separation 
Christ’s love and Peace be with you.

This Week’s Prayer Requests

Those grieving: families of  Chris Davis, Judge Clifford Weckstein, Sarah Crawford, Rev. Dwayne Westermann, Rupert Oliver, Shirley LaBrie, Nadine Wilson (Carol Sprague’s Godmother), Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, and all the black lives lost to racist violence.

Those recovering: Wayne Hill (Donna Barger’s Brother), Deb Gordon, and Robert Freeman.

 Those fighting: Alexander Puckett, Michelle Parzyck’s sister Christine Woodie who is unresponsive at Lewis Gale Hospital, Ron Clark’s son Michael who tested positive for the Coronavirus, Tracey Clark’s sister Mary who already has health problems, her brother Tom and their friend Mark Glasson, healthcare workers, first responders, and the BLM protesters.

Ongoing requests

Liz Alls, Donna Barger, Minota Beckner, Bo Bradbury, Buttons Craft, Sarah Crawford, Betty Crockett, Sylvia Croom, Mary Divers, Nita Garman, Ashley Gordon-Armstead, Cindy Jennings, Orion Lane, Ron Pagano, Michelle Parzyck, Michael Puckett, Jewel Reed, Owen Schuetz, Lois Smith, Elaine St. Clair, Margaret & Sonny Umberger, Bunny & Tom Warme, Betty Weddle,


Special June Events

  • Indoor services are CANCELED until further notice