Our Doors Are Open Once Again!

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Trinity Lutheran

We are happy to announce that we have returned to indoor worship in our Sanctuary. Service is at 10:00 am on Sunday’s. Click on the link below to see how we are working to keep our congregation, staff, and community safe while working towards a return to normalcy.

We are working diligently to be sure that our guidelines are in line with recommendations from our government, the CDC and our local health department. Check back regularly for updates.

Vicar Luke Swanson on Grace and New Beginnings

Grace, Mercy, and Peace to you all in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ. Amen.

            I have used the words above frequently, most notably at the beginning of my sermons. I often use them in variation, displaying the actions of Jesus or identifying Jesus in some way.  The stories we hear about Christ through biblical storytelling often cause us to see him in different ways. And so, the words that I say change based on the identity we see of Jesus and the grace-filled actions Jesus does. Sometimes the theme for the day causes me to change some words as well. 

            But most importantly, these words are used when I begin to speak with all of you. They surround us as we encounter each other. Our identities lie within this community of Christ – a community of Grace, Mercy, and Peace. They hold the meaning of grace together for us. They are an encounter with God.

I now begin my work as a Synodical Authorized Minister (SAM) at Trinity. My internship has come to an end. Although I am not yet ordained, I begin a new chapter that is moving me more and more towards ordained ministry. Troy has inspired me to see these chapters as “buckets.” Bucket one has been my internship. Bucket two is my Synodical Authorized Ministry. Bucket three is my first call.

            As I move into my role as a SAM, I metaphorically see the pouring of the contents of my internship bucket into the SAM bucket. Within this bucket I see the relationships we have built together, the experiences we have had, the challenges we have endured or overcome, and the moments of joy that have filled us. These are truly amazing contents to carry in the next chapter of my ministry. But even more amazing is that the Grace, Mercy, and Peace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ have filled my bucket. 

            We know as a church that although we build relationships among ourselves, Grace, Mercy, and Peace are not just meant for our experiences; these experiences are meant for the world. They are promised for the Kingdom, which is the world around us. They are for the reign of God, the endless time of God’s grace in and around us. 

            If God ever had a bucket, that bucket would be overflowing. It already has.  The Grace, mercy, and Peace of God are dependent on Jesus Christ, whose actions were complete by his death and resurrection. Grace, Mercy, and Peace of God are not dependent on the completion of my internship or any action that we do.

            So, as we continue through our ministry together, may there always be Grace, Mercy, and Peace to all of us from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ (Romans 1:7, adapt). May the Holy Spirit always inspire us as she inspired Paul to write these words long ago. May our ministry as people of the Trinity be always bound in this relationship of love. And as always, I look forward to our ministry and future encounters together. 

Grace and Peace,

Vicar Luke

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