Working to keep our staff, congregation, and community safe.

Working to keep our staff, congregation, and community safe.

(updated on 8/11/2021)

On June 6, 2021, our doors reopened and we resumed indoor services in our sanctuary. Our vision team began meeting again last month and will meet again on August 29th after service. They have lots of great plans in the works for reengaging with our congregation and community after such a long time apart. Choir rehearsals will resume on Wednesday evenings as well. We couldn’t be happier to begin taking steps towards “normalcy!” While it has been our desire during the long months of the pandemic to return to normal, to gather with those we love, to hug each other and share the love of Jesus, we want to do so as safely and cautiously as possible. The health and safety of everyone who enters our doors or gathers on our property is of upmost concern, therefore we have put together a list of guidelines that we ask everyone to follow, no matter their vaccination status.

· It is our goal to take steps towards normalcy while respecting our congregation, staff and community, by working to keep them safe.

· Masks are optional for vaccinated people.

· Masks are required for unvaccinated people.

· Worship leaders will not wear masks as they lead worship to allow for clearer communication. 

· All doors are available for exit after worship. Only the front doors to the narthex will remain unlocked for entry during the service. If the side ramp is needed for handicap use, please notify an usher for assistance.

· Communion will remain in its current form. Worshippers will continue to bring their own supply of communion elements (bread or wine or suitable alternatives such as grape juice).

· Please be aware that the communion “fellowship cups” provided in the narthex contain a wafer and grape juice. Please make use of this supply if you don’t bring your own.

· Social distancing is encouraged.

· Physical contact is discouraged, including during the sharing of the peace. Please greet each other with the peace sign, bows, waves, or other contactless methods.

· The offering plate will remain on the table in the narthex. No collection will occur during the service. Please continue to financially support Trinity and God’s mission. Stewardship is important throughout this time.

Our guidelines will change depending on local situations, recommendations from the CDC, and/or the Department of Health. We recommend that you stay up-to-date with the latest information. Below are some useful links that may help: