Pastor’s Letter – November 2018
November 6, 2018

Developing an attitude of gratitude is good for our health (Scientifically proven!); it builds our immune system and lowers blood pressure.  Grateful people are healthier and live longer.


November is Thanksgiving month.  Yes.  We need a month, not just one day (November 22) to reorient our lives to acknowledge our blessings.  If you haven’t yet started your gratitude journal now is the time to get it started.  At the end of each day, write down at least three things you are thankful for.  (Ok, you can use your Iphone.)  Many of you pray before meals.  As you eat, think of all the people who played a part in making that food a reality, from the farmers to the grocer.


Feeling grateful is only half of the equation.  To get the full benefits, express it to others.  Show it.  To those part of your daily life as well as to an old friend.


As a child of God, love is at the very core of our being.  Expressing gratitude is one important way for it to grow.                                                                    pastorsign