Pastor’s Letter – March 2019
March 11, 2019

rainbow_15470cScripture is full of stories of persons whose lives were changed by experiences of the grace of God.  The most famous is St. Paul who was met by God on the road to Damascus.  Resolving to stamp our Christianity, he became its most ardent supporter.  It’s amazing what happens when God is able to get our attention.

During the Sundays of the Lenten season, a new preaching series will feature stories of life-changing encounters with Jesus:  Zacchaeus, Blind Bartimaeus, the Woman at the Well, the Invalid by the Pool, and Simon Peter’s Love exchange with the Risen Christ.

Their stories can awaken our stories of how the grace of God makes a difference in our lives.  The upcoming church season starting with Ash Wednesday (March 6) and leading up to Easter creates an opportunity for focus, to honor our craving for God through weekly worship and intentional prayer.  We are God’s works in progress whatever our season in life.  Why not give priority to our only relationship that has no end?