Pastor’s Letter – January 2018
December 26, 2018




Grateful for the past.  Anticipating the future.  Fully alive in the present.  New Year’s is a time for both looking back, and facing forward, then finding cause from this perspective to celebrate what is now.  For we are part of a story that has both beginning and ending that gives direction for each today.

“A thousand ages in your sight,” says a familiar hymn, “are like an evening gone, short as the watch that ends the night before the rising sun.”  The verses of that hymn, “O God, Our Help in Ages Past”, affirm that the same God who has seen us through thus far, is also “our hope for years to come.”

Slow as time moves, it does move; we are not stuck in winter’s midnight.  We hardly notice it, but it’s happening:  Each new day from now on adds two minutes of the sun’s presence.  In God’s world, darkness always gives in to new light.  Faith is learning to wait for it with patience.

So, what is awaiting you? What is God incubating in you so that your story can unfold?  After all, because we are His, the story we live out is ultimately His love story, where God accepts us just as we are so that we may fulfill who we are to become.  Joyous New Year!pastorsign