Pastor’s Letter – February 2019
March 11, 2019


Yale University has started a popular new course entitled “A Worthwhile Life.”  Students are challenged to reflect for themselves on how they would like to make a difference in the world; what are reasons they exist; what in their life would they find most fulfilling.  The need for such a course is highlighted by the overwhelming response of Yale students.  It’s amazing such questions rarely come up in our education system

One question in the course I like is: “At the end of your life, what might you miss the most for never having experienced?”  How would we answer that ?  Success?  Adventure?  Wealth? Friendship?  A Tesla Model 3 car?

Jesus tells us a parable about someone who discovered a buried treasure that meant so much to him, he sold all he had to possess it.  In typical Rabbi fashion, Jesus never tell us what that treasure is for us Christians.  Did he want us to discover for ourselves what it is?

This month we remain in the worship season of Epiphany, a church word meaning “Shedding light.”  May God help us discover the treasure so precious we’d give up all to possess: the treasure of Jesus Christ.pastorsign