Pastor’s Letter – August 2018
July 26, 2018


You’d never know by her modesty, but Mary Divers was with the Tampa Bay organization before the Buccaneers ever had their first player. That was in 1976.  .

In fact, Mary’s daughter, Jill has been a key player in the organization for 40 years.

Mary was born in Grayson County, Virginia and when she was six years old, her parents moved with her and her brother to North Carolina.  At UNC Greensboro, she studied music, but then got her degree in accounting.

After her start with the Buccaneers, Mary eventually wound up in Roanoke where she met her husband, Jack.  They fell head over heels in love with each other, eloped to get married one month after they met, and enjoyed a happy marriage until Jack tragically died in 1985.

Mary had the distinction of moving to Prescott, Arizona for a college degree in writing when she was 72 years young.  She used her interest in literature as a volunteer tutor in public schools, focusing on third graders. Among her greatest joys was turning reluctant kids onto a love of reading.  One of her students grew up to write a New York Times bestseller on the timely topic, A Line Becomes a Border about life as a border patrol in Texas..

Mary’s life has remained full.  For years she volunteered for the Forest Service, first in Prescott, then in Southwest Virginia when she returned to her native home.  She has a bundle of stories about her life in the park service.  (There was a period of time when he packed a pistol!)    She not only maintained and cleaned picnic sites, she also sponsored music and art shows at trail sites.

Wherever she goes, Mary has brought life.  Where she lived for several years in Damascus, Virginia (population 900), things got dull and she started a Red Hat Society that put on a number of charity events.

Mary has used her music talents by playing piano for a number of churches.  However, her arthritis has put her piano into retirement.

One of our newer members, Mary is someone you’ll be amply rewarded by getting to know.  Ask her about her connection with famous railroad photographer O. Winston Link.  pastorsign